Community Marketing

Community Marketing

Community Marketing is a Marketing approach which consists in identifying affinity groups in order to send them a specific message or to make them an adapted offer.

What distinguishes these communities (or tribes) from segments already exploited by marketing is that they bring together individuals whose characteristics, usually exploited by segmentation, can be very different.

Coming together more on common ideas, shared values ​​or community feelings for example, their identification as well as the location of their members is often more difficult and their mode of constitution does not always respond to a structured and predictable process.

The classic example is that of Harley Davidson motorcycle clubs, but information technologies have made it possible to build up many “virtual communities” via the Internet, around multiple and varied areas of interest. In the extreme, community marketing can be tempted to create these new groups.

The term “tribal marketing” is sometimes used.
Bernard Cova and Marco Roncaglio explain that: “Thus, tribal marketing is distinguished less by its territory than by its own perspective, more holistic than individualist. Tribal marketing is therefore encumbered few segments, niches and other lifestyles that form the basis of marketing management. He is hardly interested in these fictitious groupings of individuals with homogeneous but loose characteristics. On the contrary, it takes as a unit of analysis heterogeneous but interrelated people: people who, through shared emotions and experiences, build and strengthen their bonds with a community flavor, that is to say tribes called postmodern.