Direct marketing

Direct marketing

Direct marketing: set of marketing techniques that identify the consumers of a product, send them a commercial proposal directly, in order to obtain a direct response, to which the company will respond just as directly.

Philip Kotler and Bernard Dubois observe that: “The expression ‘direct marketing‘ has changed in acceptance over the years. Originally, it was a distribution channel without intermediary between the manufacturer and the consumer. Subsequently, direct marketing referred to any form of mail order or catalog selling. “

As other forms of telemarketing have developed, the notion of direct marketing, as defined by DAM (Direct Marketing Association) has broadened: “Direct marketing is interactive marketing that uses one or more media in order to obtain a response and / or a transaction. “

Direct marketing uses in particular e-mailing, mailing, couponing, door-to-door and catalog sales, telephone and fax (telemarketing), teleshopping (teleshopping) …

Direct marketing – teleshopping

“Direct marketing is in fact renewing the language of segmentation by introducing new concepts based on the study of customer histories, on concomitant purchases: profiles, trajectories, customer experience, potential …”, Pierre- analysis Louis Dubois.

Since 2014, the Hamon law has restricted the field of direct telephone and e-mail marketing. The legislator has thus created a list of opposition to canvassing, on which can register consumers who wish to no longer be canvassed. At the same time, the sending of prospecting emails is prohibited when the consumer has not previously given his consent: “Direct prospecting by means of emails intended to promote, directly or indirectly, goods or services and using the personal details of a person who has not previously expressed their consent to receive direct prospecting by this means is prohibited.

However, there is an exception to this principle: a professional who has collected the contact details of the consumer on the occasion of a purchase with his agreement, may send him emails if they concern products or services similar to those of the initial purchase. “