Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a communication marketing approach which is based on the use of often unconventional vectors and in connection with the limited financial means most of the time by the companies that use them.

The expression was proposed by the American advertiser Jay Conrad Levinson in his book devoted to the subject and published in 1984.

Based on surprise and originality, guerrilla marketing wants to be more creative in the operations it offers and always in search of synergy at lower cost of existing vectors.

Direct contact with the targeted individual is preferred over mass campaigns, hence ambient marketing operations that will most often be relayed (free of charge) by the media as an event.

For example, the agency Lowe proposed to affix a sticker “complementary” and similar in terms of graphics, size and green color to the signs of emergency exits for its client, Ax deodorant. Axis positioning is that of a male deodorant that amplifies the user’s power of attraction to women.