Marketing and Advertising

marketing and advertising

Marketing is the strategy for selling the products and services of companies (using advertising or else way) . Their objectives are to attract as many customers as possible and to retain them as much as possible. To achieve this, they must also offer products adapted to their customers, but above all encourage them to consume.

What role does advertising play in marketing?

Advertising plays several important roles in a product’s sales strategy. In order to get known faster, it is necessary to carry out a long-term, repetitive and extensive campaign through several channels: posters, media and the Internet. Depending on the target audience, the choice of channels can vary greatly.

All information about products and services must be available on the poster in question. Originality and “graphic design” are very important for figurative advertising, so advertisements in the press have a very important place, TV and radio spots are also important and must be designed to be clear and contain the information necessary to make the product known.

The expense of advertising can be very expensive because of the countless channels through which the messages can be spread, so the effectiveness of the means used must be addressed precisely to avoid overspending.

What are the professions in the field of advertising:

The professions in the fields of advertising are numerous and specialized, for example: communication agent, radio hosts, press, copywriters, media mogul and media planner. Thus, there are several professions associated with the field of advertising. An advertiser is a person who designs advertisements.

What are the steps involved in developing an advertisement?

The marketing strategy on the development of an advertisement is carried out according to the following steps :

  1. The definition of the objectives of the advertisement, it can act as a description and recognition of the product in the market to situate it in relation to the competition, or for promotions concerning the product. The advertising objectives are associated with the increase in consumption of the product in order to measure its effectiveness.
  2. Still in the question of advertising effectiveness, the determination of the budget is important from an accounting point of view in order to avoid non-valued expenses. Effectiveness depends indeed on the advertising campaign, but it is also necessary to take into account the psychologies of consumers which are not measurable.