which marketing job is right for me?

Want to work in marketing… but what profession should you choose? In its guide 2018 “Finding a job, everything you want to know”, the recruitment agency Aquent, specialized in digital, marketing and communication, gives an overview of the jobs most often found in agencies and advertisers. A review.

which marketing job is right for me?

Project manager:

The project manager coordinates the design, content and development stages, working directly with clients and teams to ensure project delivery on time and within budget. He has a deep understanding of corporate/brand DNA and is particularly attentive to detail.

Communication Officer:

The communication manager is a true conductor who applies and coordinates the communication strategy of the company he works for. His or her scope of application, which varies according to the size and structure of the company, is broad: internal, institutional, event, digital, etc. communication.

Account Director / Consulting Director:

The Account Director / Consulting Director is the privileged interlocutor of the customers to collect their expectations and requirements. He manages the relationship and is responsible for the budget. He ensures that production runs smoothly, coordinates resources and creates operational plans. He is an expert in business development and attracts new clients.

Strategic Planner:

The Strategic Planner provides direction or recommendations to creative teams and clients. It is an advertising strategy consultancy. To formulate his recommendations, he relies on the study of consumer trends and changes in society.

Digital Marketing Manager:

The Digital Marketing Manager plans, implements and manages digital marketing strategies that maximize return on investment.

It also promotes products and services using different platforms. He works in coordination with other departments such as sales, technical support and the creative team to create effective campaigns.

Acquisition Manager:

The Acquisition Manager is responsible for effectively coordinating the company’s various acquisition channels to promote its business. He implements different strategies according to the acquisition channels: online (SEO, SEM, affiliation) and offline (print, media).

Product Owner:

The Product Owner is in charge of the evolution of an application or software according to the Agile method. He combines technical know-how in the design and definition of product features, and professional knowledge in the management of teams and its exchanges with customers. .

Web Analyst:

The Web Analyst is an expert in analyzing the performance of online stocks. He uses tools such as ClickTracks, Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics, and creates tables to provide key information to improve the performance of a site.

Data Analyst:

The Data Analyst creates and models the databases required by the company and ensures their proper functioning. He or she is also responsible for developing segmentation criteria to study the figures in the best possible way. He/she participates in the analysis and use of data from a single source (CRM for example).

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist is a specialist in data science. He is in charge of the recovery and processing of all the data that the company recovers. His or her role is to make the data speak for itself and put it at the service of a company’s management.

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